Employee Drug Testing Kits

The importance of employee drug testing kits is becoming more pronounced as business owners try to protect themselves from the obvious liability issues that employees under the influence can cause to the general public and other employees. When you consider the need to provide a safe work environment for all employees, drug test kits are an important part of the pre-employment and post-employment process. Fortunately, employee drug testing kits have become more affordable and easier to use. This can help employers know they are taking the proper precautions to protect the general public and other workers from the harm that a negligent employee under the influence can cause.

Alchohol testing sticksTramelli Industrial Products carries employee drug testing kits from Instant Technologies, the industry leader in drug test kits.

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Drug Test Kits

Now, it is possible for employers, in every industry sector, to take advantage of top quality on-site rapid test devices that include drug and alcohol testing. These products are easy to operate, convenient to store and deliver results in minutes. When you have an immediate need for good workers, this can aid in the hiring process, yet protect you from potential lawsuits that might occur, in the event of an accident or serious crime, depending on the nature of your business. In today's world, liability can mean the loss of your business assets or dramatic increases in your insurance premiums.

Not only will OHSE request the evidence of drug testing, in the event of worker injury, but also employee drug testing kits can limit your liability in court cases that involve the general public. In addition, there are some industries that are high risk to begin with and drug testing might be considered a mandatory protection. An employer's responsibility to other workers is one issue and there are liability issues that affect the general public, as well. With employee drug testing kits that offer on- site rapid test devices, you can prove your innocence in a potential lawsuit claim or terminate risky employees that expose you to these harmful and potentially deadly risks.

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It has become almost commonplace for new hires to expect drug testing to be part of the hiring process. It doesn't carry the same stigma it once did and you can be assured of drug-free and alcohol-free employees, which minimizes risk. Not only do you need to implement a drug-free policy for the protection of your valuable employees that provide you with income, but also the general public should be protected from the potential harms that might be caused. In today's working environment, it has become more important than ever to implement the use of employee drug testing kits that allow you to make the right hiring decisions immediately. You can gain peace of mind and evidence, when it comes to terminating employees that are violating safety policies or alternatively, allow them to prove their innocence. While this is obviously important to those in riskier industries, such as construction, transportation or hazardous waste, every employer should analyze their risk exposure. It is easier than ever to take advantage of affordable employee drug testing kits that provide immediate results, with alcohol screens, validity screens and clinical control. Or choose drug test kits that provide immediate and on-site results.

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